I'm a self taught artist. Who has always been captivated by all aspects of art, but through my journey, I have developed a love for painting through different medias.

Lately I have focused on mastering use of oil on my canvases. I enjoy painting landscapes, plein air, abstract, portraits and many more. I am originally from Peru , which inspires a lot of my work . My artwork demonstrates my Peruvian culture , folklore and places I have explored. Through my artistic career, I have developed my own techniques, which help translate my thoughts into my canvas. I start painting not knowing what the next step is, and as I enter my own mind space. I slowly start to feekl my mind wander and my painbrushes fill with color creating my new canvas.

One advice for a starting artist , is to not criticize your artwork but to encourage yourself to progress and always say " the next one will be better" and of course , enjoy the journey.

I am a member of Maryland Federation of Art and Montgomery Art Association.

I currently have a exhibition in Oasis Art Gallery.

I am being part of Gallery 209 at Artist and Makers 2.

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